Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Campobello Summer

Several years ago, we found a sweet camping spot on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.
This island was the summer home of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and their children. He named it the "beloved island." We returned for a camping week each of several summers until this year. We decided that we would come to Campobello, and Herring Cove Park, for two weeks each month of the summer of 2017. In between, we made plans to visit our children and friends. 

June was a cold and wet month, but we reacquainted ourselves with the island with hikes and visits to the beach. We also anticipated a visit with Carrie and the girls. They came to camp with us for four days and to learn a little bit about the island. 

              We had some wonderful experiences exploring the beach and camping together. 

The visit was too short and soon they had to pull out and head home.


This place is full of wild flowers like Indian Pipes.

Pitcher Plants in the bog.

                                  Grass Pinks - orchids now blooming in the Eagle Hill Bog.

Wild White Roses


End of the Lupine Blooms

Unusual (to me) Pink Bunchberry.


Wood Sorrel

Sheep Laurel


Orange Hawkweed

Wild Roses

And other gifts of nature...
The evidence of the busy beaver chewings.

White Admiral

Common Yellowthroat

Common Whitetail  Dragonfly

Hiking the beach along the Bold Coast

End of a large beaver pond. You can almost see the foot prints of their work.

Orange Lichen on the rocks like a gold crown.

American Toad

Gibraltar Rock

A hiking trail in the tall Spruce and Fir forest.

One end of the mile long Herring Cove Beach.

We are enjoying this special place. We are having fun. We have a Fitbit and try to walk 10,000 steps each day. The quiet, peaceful nature of the island is working a restful calm.  It is July of our happy Campobello summer with much more to come for August and September!


Today is my mother's 96th birthday and I am so grateful for her life and the role model she is to her children, grandchildren and the whole family. When I talked with her today she said she was a little stiff because she had been exercising. Go Mom!!!!!

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