Thursday, August 6, 2015

Challenge of Full-timing on the Road

Where would you go if you didn't have anywhere called "home".  Last year, we were enjoying our amazing trip around the U.S. and spending two months as work campers in Alaska. When we returned to Maine/NH for a few months, we visited our children and friends and then headed south. 

This summer we are back to New England spending time with our children who seem to want us in their dooryard, and friends who would take us in anytime.  But how do you plan where to BE for five months!

We decided to split our time between traveling on our own and spending time with our family and friends. Finding the balance has been the challenge! I am sure Latona feels like she is in the middle of a whirlwind at times.  But when we get going too fast, we slow down, replan the schedule. This has been our route the past month.


Our last post showed our pictures from Prince Edward Island.  After PEI, we spent another week in Canada mostly on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Shades of Schoodic Point and Ocean Drive in Acadia NP? Same beauty but much grander scale.


We camped in the Provincial And National Parks.  We didn't have reservations but made out just fine during the month of early July.

By mid July it was back to Phillips house in Winter Harbor for his birthday, a visit with Joan and Lucille and then to Bangor for a visit with Katrina and family. Then on to NH for a week with Carrie and Jay, the girls and the chickens! We ended that week with a special weekend with Latona's niece and her family (Jen, Kyle, Connor and Addison) at their home in China Maine. It was a wonderful family reunion for Latona that included her brother and his wife (Roy and Julie) and Phillip, Lacey, Azure and Simon.

From China, we visited Latona's sister in Newport, and then headed to Sebec Lake for a visit with our special friend, Janice at the Little Red Camp. We rejoiced at finally being together!

Then it was time for another week of trying a new spot for a quiet time in the woods together. We had never camped on Moosehead Lake at Lily Bay SP.  so we planned a trip to this park.

Our first morning, we had these visitors in front of our site.

Lots of other wonders from the area...largest lake in Maine and New England.

This is one view from Rowell Cove. The lake is 35 miles long.

On a hike with my bestest friend...

And these little hearts were left on the beach by our friend the doe and her fawn.  Looks like tip of a small moose print in between.


 After a happy time in Greenville on Moosehead Lake we are back on Chemo Pond and enjoying the beauty of everything that is here.  We now have visits with Latona's children and our extended family, and a special celebration of 50 Years of Upward Bound at the University of Maine on August 8.

Where will go next? How will we balance our lives and continue to satisfy our desire for adventure, and still enjoy every minute we can with our children, and family, and friends? Only time will tell!

But for now we are still having fun, grateful for every moment together, and so happy in our little van we call 'home'!