Thursday, October 30, 2014

Where has time gone?

Hard to realize that a month has gone by since I wrote a post! 

We are in Maine one more week and then begin our journey south visiting family and friends along the way.  I want to share a few pictures of what we have been doing this past month. In addition to catching up with all our yearly medical check-ups, we have had lots of wonderful visits.  Our first stop in Maine, and our "home base" is Katrina and Mikes on Chemo Pond.

This always provides fun times with Torrey and her friend Cammi. Here they are on top of Cadillac Mountain during a visit to Bar Harbor.

Latona's family planned a get together and we had a chance to visit with her sister and brother and law, and...

    her niece and family, and brother and sister in law in China, Maine

Our friends, Joan and Lucille in Hancock, have an early Thanksgiving with the family and always include us!

When we visit them we have a hike to the ocean that we love.  
Always something beautiful to see this fall...

And of course, always a heart...

We went back to Hew Hampshire to see Carrie and the girls and to enjoy seeing them both
play soccer.  Here is Lyla,

With her team and mom, Carrie the coach.

And Sari with her travel team on a cold day in MA.  Brrrrrr....

Another visit we try to include when we are in Maine is a visit to the Orono Bog.  Torrey went with us and took this picture.

Another fun stop this fall, has been a visit to a place we heard about in Lamoine, Maine.
How about it...a road called Latona Lane, and right across from it, a dirt road that leads to

the Latona Spring. This is a source of pure water for the town.  What a thrill!!

Finally, I will share a beautiful sunset photo taken over Chemo Pond.  We are happy to be here, and also happy to think about starting south in a few weeks.

                                                 Big Pine Key, here we come!!!