Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our New Home

After a wonderful visit with my sister Dotty and her husband that included a visit to New York City, Longwood Gardens, and Philadelphia, we visited my brother and family in Harrisburg, and stopped for overnights with a friend in Virginia and our granddaughter Azure in North Carolina.  

We arrived in Florida on December 20 to spend Christmas and New Year with Mom and started to look for a replacement van.  We had hoped to upgrade from our conversion van to a small motor home that would give us the comfort we need to be full-time RVers.  We had had some advice from engineer friends to go "diesel".  Although we thought we would find our new home in Florida, we had no idea that we would quickly find a vehicle that would meet our needs.  So here it is...

The model is called the "Free Spirit" and has lovely mountains painted on the side.  We want to share this news with all our friends that share this blog.  (I am having real trouble with this site and have to get some technical help).  Forgive me for the quick shot to get this out...but sure want you to recognize us if you find us in your driveway.   SMILE...Daicey Duo!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Connections more precious...

In the past week, we have been wondering how to connect with friends and family in light of the horrible suffering in our nation and world.  Should we offer pictures of the holidays in New York, or even pictures of a historic church in Philadelphia.  We can only say in these times each relationship we enjoy has become more precious, and the chance to celebrate each moment in this fragile journey more significant.  In the spirit of respect, and with a heartfelt compassion for the pain for all the victims of Newtown, we are sharing these photos.

Radio City Music Hall - Manhattan

My favorite place to get a hot dog

Alice in Wonderland in Central Park

Beauty everywhere at Longwood Gardens

Live Poinsettia Ball - Longwood

William Penn atop City Hall in center city, Philadelphia

Christ Church, Philadelphia

We are grateful to my sister and her husband for such a special week - Manhattan, Dupont's             Longwood Gardens and Philadelphia.

         With humble hearts, we wish you all a holiday of peace and comfort.  Love, L&L

Friday, December 7, 2012

Gifts Along the Way...

Over the past few days, we have experienced a full range of life events.  My sense of joy, happiness, and contentment seems stronger, and my awareness of the gifts that I/we are being given everyday is sometimes overwhelming.  Our visit with Carrie, Jay and the girls was so blessed by the love and care they extended to us as we celebrated Tone's birthday.  I feel so fortunate to have a relationship with my  daughter that is filled with respect and love.

My daughter's loving heart is a gift to us
Renewal of longtime friendship - another gift

From Bedford, NH we went to Lenox, MA to visit our dear friend Anna (who had turned 90 this summer). She had been a camper with us at Daicey Pond, Baxter State Park along with husband Bob and their children, and grandchildren back in the 80's.  We had such a wonderful visit catching up on the years that had intervened, and when we left, Latona and I both agreed that "when we grow up", we want to be just like Anna.

The next day, we ventured to Stockton, NJ to see my sister Sherry and her partner Jim.  We love their home and the contentment they offer to us.  We stood under a tree that we loved seeing last spring when it was full of blossoms.  Now it reminds us of the importance of a time of rest.  
Jim and Sherry's welcoming home is a gift to us
South Branch of Raritan River
They took us to see a piece of land and stream that Jim owns with other fishermen called Camp Solitude.
Sharing Camp Solitude

Jim and Sherry also took us to visit Clinton, NJ where we got a chance to experience the holiday lights, and see the Historic Mill.  We were so grateful for  the great food and our wonderful visit with them.  
The holiday lights and atmosphere were a gift of the season

Sherry and Jim near the mill

Amazing site of the mill in evening light

From New Jersey we went off to visit our friends near Philadelphia. Our first two days were spent with Janet who took us on a five- mile hike along the Wissahickon. It was a lovely balmy day in the 60's.

Covered Bridge on the Wissahickon Valley Park
There is light at the end of the tunnel... always good to be reminded!

These Tree Huggers are a gift

Love from the earth

Love of  friend Janet who also gave us some of her amazing art work.
It will travel with us in the van.

Wissahickon Park on a balmy hiking day

Our past two days were spent with Nick and Harriet, and we had a chance to share the gift of their love on their anniversary.
Celebrating Anniversary Love with Harriet and Nick

Harriet and Nick
These friends are so generous of spirit and always want to give us every chance to be comfortable.  While at their home, I learned of the death of a my dear friend Lorraine, and they were a source of great comfort to me.

Latona and I are blessed with so many people in our life who share all that they are, an all that they have with us.  Gifts seem to define and fill our pathway.